Educational Content

John Maxwell

Based on his newest book, John C. Maxwell will communicate practical ways that leaders can seek out and develop those around them. Some of these lessons may include: knowing what potential leaders look like, how to attract leaders, how to equip and empower leaders, how to position leaders to build a winning team, how to coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves.

Chris Hogan

Drawing from his experience both on the football field and in the financial world, Chris will discuss how creating a culture of teamwork can lead to a financially healthy and stable workplace.

Rachel Hollis

Speaker, author and CEO Rachel Hollis will challenge, motivate and inspire the audience in the leadership space with practical advice and tools to help leaders see their potential. Content will be tailored to the business audience..

Marcus Buckingham

Marcus will create a custom session, focusing on the notion that the strength and cohesiveness of your team is more essential to success than the culture of your company. Through the lies he identifies, he also reveals the core truths that will help you on your leadership journey, and give you practical ways to create a healthy and thriving workplace.